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# Description

This folder contains example refpacks for use with the example pipelines of taxator-tk >= version 1.3.

# Decompression

Archives ending with `.xz` must be extracted with [xz/unxz](
The program is contained in the package repositories of most recent Linux distributions,
for instance under Debian/Ubuntu you can install it using
     sudo apt-get install xz-utils

Archives ending with `.lz` must be extraced with an [lzip-compatible](
program. Try `lunzip` or `plzip -d`, the latter can use multiple CPU cores and is therefore faster
than the plain version. Under Debian/Ubuntu, install again by issuing

    apt-get install plzip
    apt-get install lzip

# Download

To download large refpacks on the command line, you can use programs like wget or curl. The links can be
extracted by right-clicking on the file in the share. The following is an example to download a small
viral example dataset.

    curl -JLO ''

# Documentation

Some of the refpacks might still be undocumented but will receive a README explaining the content
and way of curation in the future. If you are lacking information, need help to build your own
refpack or would like to contribute your refpack, don't hesitate to contact us at

Johannes Dröge, science [e]